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Christmas/New Year

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by , 12-17-2015 at 04:58 PM (2546 Views)
As you might know, both my mom and my dad passed away years ago and since then Christmas time has been very depressing. When you have no family left and no friends, there isn't much to celebrate.
I remember when my mom was still around, we used to go shopping together, my dad did the same and each of us received a few oresents around a good meal. The tree in the living room was huge and had lots of lights and decorations. Those were happy times.

I wish you all Happy Holidays with your family
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  1. Beeker's Avatar
    Hey MG it's Beeker here. Your story about Christmas has really touched my heart. I really do feel for you and the fact that at a time of year that so many people love and can't wait for, you could care less now that your family has been taken from you. I really used to love this time of year too, but lately it seems so commercialized. It is all about the almighty dollar and what the perfect gift should be and what it should not be. I have lots of family, but the best part of Christmas for me is the fact that I can share it all with my best friend who also has no family. I know that that may not comfort you, but believe me Christmas is about something more special than anything, even our own families and friends. It is about the birth of Jesus and that by asking him into your life you will never be alone again. I was very skeptical about the whole Jesus thing but believe me once I did except him in my life things changed for the better for me and now even if I am alone I never feel alone because I know that Jesus is right there with me. All I have to do is talk to him and he hears me and yes answers my prayers. I am not going to preach to you about it or judge you in anyway. I am just letting you know how Jesus makes me feel and what he has done for me. So keep your chin up and know that I will be thinking about you on Christmas.
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  2. millenium girl's Avatar
    Thank you, Beeker. What you wrote made me cry. As usual I'm running away for Christmas. I'd rather spend Christmas Eve alone in a hotel room in London than here. I will be here on New Year's Eve though and I will buy myself and my cat some tasty food (lobster and smoked salmon).
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  3. Taureau's Avatar
    Merry Christmas MG. I have had many a bleak Christmas over the years. Many of mine have been spent alone and many I have not received so much as a single gift. I know Christmas is not about gifts but not getting anything still made me sad. How I combat all of that is to try my best to make others Christmas's special. This year I am doing more then ever to make Christmas special for a lot of family and friends and this year strangers as well. I went yesterday and bought 100 pairs of men's heavy winter socks and am delivering them to a shelter this week. The same store had toques on special but they where sold out. I am going to call around to their other stores and see how many I can find and buy as many as I can. And I am thinking to buy some more socks because there is two many shelters in the city and well I want to help as many as I can.

    So merry Christmas MG and making a difference in someones life will in turn make a difference in yours
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  4. millenium girl's Avatar
    Thank you, Bully

    I hope that you will have more fun this time. You are a hard worker and a great dad. You deserve to be happy.

    I don't expect presents this year. It will be like the previous years. Everyone shops for Xmas gifts, I wish I had someone to exchange presents with. Being alone and lonely sucks. Glad I have Pooh to keep me company or my life would be empty. As you know I volunteer at an animal shelter and I will help them out after I get back from London. I will collect some food, baskets, blankets at the stores during my free time. I met some nice women there over the years. We have become friends.
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