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    which boxing style you enjoy watching more? Lomachenko or Guillermo Rigondeaux?

    Title says it all..

    Lomachenko fighting style..

    Rigondeaux Fighting style..

    who do you prefer and why?

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    First guy was my dad

    Second guy was me.

    I had to fight that style to hit my fucking dad, lol. No other reason. It wasn't because I loved it or anything, it was nessesity. Truth be told I loved kick boxing or tai boxing better. The latter being a lot more brutal. I remember kicking a skinny sand bag that was attached to the floor for hours to toughen up my shins, and punching that stupid plywood board on springs with wraps on to toughen my knuckles. Then Frank, our teacher would beat us with a thin foam covered stick, or punch us in the ribs to toughen our midsection. Stand in horse stance for an hour to learn to ignore pain, lol. Why do I look back fondly to those days??

    I have always like my fathers style of boxing though. Can be super frustrating fighting someone like that, when no matter where you move their gloves are in your face.



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